Our Products
Our shawls and scarves come in a variety of options and materials. From Thai silk to polyester to mixed cotton to blended wool. Find a material that suits you.

How We're Different
We air ship our products from all over Thailand in 4-6 business days by DHL and have an inventory in Arizona. We believe in prompt shipping and quality goods. Our shawls and scarves come from all over Thailand. From the northern region of Chiang Rai to the coastal areas of Phuket.

​​Why buy a scarf from BI International?

1. Products are hand selected from countries world wide
2. A portion of the goods are hand made or hand loomed
3. Our buyers including the owner lives overseas and travels back and forth to locate different selections of products​

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Home Decor Possibilities
Barrett Imports International - Videos
Barrett Imports International 
Bangkok, Thailand to Arizona, USA

Barrett Imports offers a large variety of Thai fashion accessories including Pashmina shawls, cotton shawls, hand loomed and hand dyed silk scarves and various other designer shawls, wraps, table runners and home decor pieces.

Our company has worked a variety of venues throughout Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona and California.

We keep a current inventory in Arizona and Colorado. Our shawls and Thai silk products are air shipped monthly from all over Thailand. Our company works with designer stores and boutique salons in Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Missouri. We are looking to expand our product line to Texas, California and Kansas. We recently participated in the Junior League Christmas show in Austin, Texas and the Las Vegas Home and Gift Show this past January.
Denver - Kansas City - Las Vegas - Indianapolis - Little Rock - Ft. Worth- Austin - Los Angeles  - Dallas
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